Lamp Manufacturing Machine

General Lighting Service Lamp Making Machinery (GLS)/ Incandesent Lamp Making Machinery

The General Lighting Service (GLS) Lamps commonly known as Incandescent Lamp are widely used in domestic lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, yard lighting and all other general lighting purposes. These lamps can be produced in wider range to suit all types of lighting requirements.


Fluorescent Tube Lamp Machinery (FTL)

Fluorescent Tube Lamps are one the most widely used light source globally. It is a type of discharge lamp and an efficient source for converting electrical energy into light. A pair of electrodes, one at each end - are sealed along with a drop of mercury and some inert gases (usually argon) at very low pressure inside a glass tube. The inside of the tube is coated with a phosphor which produces visible light when excited with ultra-violet (UV) radiationThese tubes consume only 1/6th of Electrical Power compared to GLS Lamps for same amount of Light Output. These are widely used in domestic lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, yard lighting, street lights etc.


Compact Fluorescent Lamp Machinery (CFL)

COmC CCCCFFFCompact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are one the most advanced and well designed Compact Light Source to givemaximum light output with a minimum power consumption.Basically, this is a gasdischarge lamp having high efficiency fluorescent coating and raw gas filling.These lamps are six times efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs.


Lead - In - Wire Welding Machinery

We have after sustained efforts designed & developed latest sophisticated “LEAD-IN-WIRE WELDING MACHINE”. This versatile machine is elegantly designed with sturdy construction for optimum performance and easy operation.

The machine does welding of two or three parts electrodes, which are used in manufacturing of various types of Lamps from 0-500 watts, viz GLS Lamps, Fluorescent Tube, Starters and Auto Lamps etc.,


High pressure sodium & mercury vapour lamp machinery (hpsv/hpmv)

Is a polycrystalline translucent aluminum oxide discharge tube enclosed in a void or tubular outer glass envelope. The void shell of the SON-LAMPS is internally coated with aluminum oxide powder. The discharge tube contains an amalgam of mercury and sodium along with xenon gas. The outer shell is evacuated and maintains this high degree of vacuum throughout the lamp life. These lamps need a control gear comprising of Ballast, Ignitor and capacitor for optimum performance.