Special Purpose Machines


Auto Filament Loader

This equipment is for automatic loading of cathodes for Lamps. It has 8 gates to separate & load cathodes automatically onto the Mount Machine cathode Loading conveyor at the speed of 1200 pcs / Hour

This equipment can be used for GLS , FTL and CFL Cathodes


Mount Loading Units

This machine is capable of loading and conveying the stems from stem machine to mount machine for completation of mounting operation. This machine has been designed to reduce cost on labouring input and also reduce wastage during handling.

Salient features :

    • low cost automation
    • controlled by pneumatics
    • life of equipment is more due to quality of materials used.



CFL Auto Soldering Machine

This machine is used for Soldering of Wire on the eyelet of CFL Cap automatically by feeding the solder wire through nozzles and fluxed & Soldered on the cap.

The machine has 36 heads having duplex method of soldering. The Machine is of robust construction consisting of high grade materials. The  special feature of the machine is that it has Internal Gear System with belt driven transmission. The Machine is compact and will automatically execute straightening , feeding &  cutting of the wire & soldering uniformly.

Advantages :

    • Automatic Operations like fluxing, soldering and lamp testing
    • NO wastage of flux and solder wire
    • Avoids inhaling of harmful chemicals by operators
    • Uniformity in soldering operation
    • Complete Quality Control during manufacture
    • Less dependence on manpower
    • Easy operation


SOAP Cutting Machines

This machine performs the cutting of Soap Bars according to required sizes at the speed of 60 pcs per minute.



Lead - In - Wire Loading Unit

This unit is an attachment to the Mount Machine which performs the loading of wire from the spool to the Mount Machine and cut according to required sizes automatically. This unit works at the speed of Mount Machine at every indexing position.


Anode Ring Machanisum & Third LIW Insertion Unit for FTL

This equipment has been designed to insert Third Lead-in-wire into the FTL Stems. The Third LIW is used to hold the Anode Ring on the stem. This unit is attached to the Stem Making Machine wherein the wire is feeded from the spool and straightened and cut automatically. Then the cut wire is inserted into the stem during FTL stem making process in the machine.

    • Reduce wastage & manhandling
    • Quality control process
    • Automation oriented

The Anode Ring is used in fluorescent lamps to prevent end blackening and hide stroboscopic flicker. The effects of anode ring has impact on electrical characteristics ie the lamp wattage is lowered than compared to lamps without anode rings

This mechanism is used to spot weld the anode strip on the Third Lead-in-wire (LIW) and form a ring automatically. This mechanism detects the presence of 3rd LIW on the stem by sensors and then draws in the strip for spot welding and ring forming process
We have successfully implemented this equipment in several FTL Stem Machines in India and Iran.


Automatic Bead Forming Machine

This machine is used as an ancillary to Mount Machine for making of Beads for CFL Lamps by using tubes directly instead of the imported Bead Ring thereby reducing cost of manufacture. The Machine is constructed robustly with 12 rotating heads  which will hold the LIWs which will loaded automatically by LIW Loading Units (existing) and Bead is formed by using Gas Burners for melting of Glass tube onto the LIWs.

The bead formed mount is loaded automatically on the Main Mount Machine for further process.

The above concept wholly reduces cost and maintain uniform quality and simultaneously reduce shrinkage.


CFL End Wiping Units

This machine has been designed to End wipe the CFL Capsule after coating and baking of fluorescent powder. The machine is of sturdy construction having cleaning brushes which are controlled pneumatically. The lamps are conveyed and sensed automatically for End wiping process.

    • Optimum production
    • Less breakages of lamps
    • Fine End wiping
    • Avoids Dust and waste powder is collected for proper disposal.
    • Less dependence on manpower
    • Uniformity on edges after end wiping


FTL Crimping & Ageing Machine

This machine has used for FTL 2 feet and 4 feet Lamps (T8, T10, T12 ) for process of crimping the LIWs to the cap pins and the lamps are lighted up by high voltage tester for ageing process.
Brief features:

    • The machine is of robust construction having tube transferring chain and holders
    • The process of operation starts from loading of FTL Tubes after capping process onto the holders and conveyed to the positions
    • Wire cutting is carried out prior to crimping operation
    • Crimping process is done on the LIWs on both ends automatically
    • The crimped FTL tubes are conveyed to high voltage lighting up process wherein busbars are provided for automatic lighting up of lamps thereby completing the ageing lamps
    • The rejected lamps are automatically detected and unloaded to separate unloading tray
    • The Ok lamps are automatically conveyed to unloading and packing area.
    • The machine is controlled by PLC program
    • The changeover of production ie 2 ft lamps to 4 ft  can be done easily by LM Bearing and shaft bed movement system.

Technical Description:


1200 pcs per hour

Range of Production

T8, T12, T10 FTL Lamps , 2 ft & 4Ft Length

Power Supply

AC 440V, 3 PHASE, 50/60 Hz, 5 HP

Air Consumption

10 kg/cm, 200 litters/min

Machine Size


Net Weight

1200 Kgs

Operators required

2 persons



About Conveyors: A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials,
Conveyor systems are used widespread across a range of industries due to the numerous benefits they provide.

    • Conveyors are able to safely transport materials from one level to another, which when done by human labor would be strenuous and expensive.
    • They can be installed almost anywhere, and are much safer than using a forklift or other machine to move materials.
    • They can move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights. Also, many have advanced safety features that help prevent accidents.
    • There are a variety of options available for running conveying systems, including the hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems, which are equipped to fit individual needs.

We can design and manufacture the following types of conveyors custom made based on different applications.

    • Belt conveyor
    • Wire mesh conveyors
    • Plastic belt conveyors
    • Bucket conveyors
    • Flexible conveyors
    • Vertical conveyors
    • Spiral conveyors
    • Vibrating conveyors
    • Pneumatic conveyors
    • Chain conveyor
    • Overhead conveyors
    • Pharmaceutical conveyors



Intech Lamp Machinery  has pioneered in the manufacturing and supplying of superior quality elevator hopper feeder in India. This unit combines large storage capacity with the ability to feed and orient components/material discharging them well above the shop floor level. Our wide range of elevator hopper feeders are finely developed and finished by the experienced engineers and other professionals catering to requirements of our clients. They have industrial acumen, which enable them to design and develop the products as per the market trends and internationals standards. 


    • Components feeding with orientation to single/multi spindle automats, assembly machines
    • Convenient discharging of components to bowl feeder kept at height
    • Loading of components to hoppers before automatic weighing or counting systems in packing line
    • Loading of components at regulated rate of shaker hearth furnaces


    • It consists of boot/hopper to accommodate large volume of components
    • The elevating media fitted with appropriately designed cleats picks up components, while passing through the hooper
    • Delivery of components can be overhead or side delivery
    • The drive is by 3-phase AC induction motor with speed reducer
    • Electrical includes motor starter


    • Elevating Hopper Feeder with Fixed Hooper
    • Elevating Hopper Feeder with Mobile Hopper

These models are available with detachable hoopers, which enables collection of component in the hopper from the earlier operation/machine and avoids transfer of components to the hopper, resulting in reduced manual work and damage to components due to handling. The mobile hoopers are stalk able using forklift truck. Standardizing of mobile hooper in shop floor as handling containers as well as boot of elevator results in overall effectiveness of shop floor handling systems.


    • Auto on/off control panel offered to work elevator motor on auto cycle. Based on magazine full indication the motor is switched off and re-started after a pre-set adjustable time 0-3 minutes
    • Elevator feeder with side delivery, which is generally used to feed components (with cylindrical in shape) complete with orientation for further processing
    • Variable speed drive either by DC motor or mechanical speed variator are offered to regulate the feed rate, while using different sizes of components in the same feeder


Liquid Detergent Capping Machine